46. Summer Language Camps: A Short-Course on Six We Love

Steve (at right) interviews founder Andreina Galavis and logistics director Michael Perez of Camp Lingua in South Florida.

Language immersion there is embedded into traditional summer camp activities.

How will your child (and perhaps you, too) spend some of next summer’s vacation?

Consider enrolling in a summer language immersion program. It’s possible to go from zero to 60 in terms of fluency in a matter of weeks. And with year-abroad programs downsizing into weeks-abroad programs for many college students, a summer immersion camp can help ensure that they still gain that important familiarity with the language.

Excerpts from earlier episodes…

In this episode, we’ve pulled from prior podcasts to give you capsule reports on five of the country’s leading programs: Concordia, STARTALK, Université Saint-Anne, Rassais at Dartmouth, and Middlebury.

Listen to this short-course on what each has to offer to get a sense of which one might be the best for your child, and for you.

…plus a new destination

We’ve also added a sixth, new program: Camp Lingua, in South Florida. It’s one of several smaller, local programs available. Perhaps there’s one near you—or close to a vacation spot you’ll be visiting this coming summer.


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