Videos, books, and other good things we recommend

Books & Books- Steve with Calvin Sims

Steve and CNN’s Calvin Sims’ lively conversation ranges from how learning a language helps kids as much as learning STEM, to why bilingualism is patriotism by another name.

The Benefits of Bilingualism

Steve talks with Wisconsin Public Radio on how anyone can learn a language at any age…and the first caller into the show proves his point!

(Photo by Ken Owen [CC-BY-NC-ND])

The View from the Top

Former US Senator George LeMieux asks Steve what policy leaders can do to support bilingualism, and why it’s good for business.

Developing Multilingual Skills

Steve talks with business leadership expert Jonathan Westover about the power of bilingualism to develop trust with businesspeople in other cultures, even if you begin with just buds of bilingualism—“thank you, nice to meet you, we appreciate your business.”

“What’s Up Bainbridge” guest podcast

“We’re built for two languages–just like we have two eyes, two ears, two hands.” Hear the engaging conversation that Steve has with the host of the What’s Up Bainbridge podcast off the coast of Washington State.

Conversation with Fabrice Jaumont

Fabrice, the chair of the Center for the Advancement of Languages, Education, and Communities, plus members of the Coalition of Community-Based Heritage Schools discuss with Steve how Americans can achieve a new bilingual century.

What Parents Can Do

Steve gives parents of kids enrolled in Bainbridge Island’s El Velero, their school’s Spanish-English dual language program, tips on how to make the most of their children’s bilingual education.

Is It Ever Too Late?

Drop in on the conversation that Karen Decker and Edwige Simon of the International Center for Language Studies have with Steve, and hear how he answers this critical question about language learning.

Where Bilingualism Can Take You in the World: Three Success Stories

As part of his guest presentation for the Global Seal of Biliteracy’s 2022 conference, Steve spoke with three young professionals whose careers and aspirations owe much to being bilingual.