Videos, books, and other good things we recommend

Books & Books- Steve with CNN’s Calvin Sims

Steve and Calvin’s lively conversation ranges from how learning a language helps kids as much as learning STEM, to why bilingualism is patriotism by another name.

“What’s Up Bainbridge” guest podcast

“We’re built for two languages–just like we have two eyes, two ears, two hands.” Hear the engaging conversation that Steve has with the host of the What’s Up Bainbridge podcast off the coast of Washington State.

Learn Your Language in 30 Years!

Steve’s presentation at the Global Seal of Biliteracy conference on December 21, 2020 focused on why it pays to be patient when learning another language.

The ShareLingo Project

“ShareLingo has the potential to transform language exchange in America.” – Steve

No Child Left Monolingual

“Kim Potowski is one of the strongest voices for language diversity in the Americas.” – Steve

¡Te Vemos! ¡We See You!

This charmingly illustrated children’s book is a happy way for young English speakers to learn Spanish, and vice versa. Parents will appreciate the reading tips in the back of the book. Karen Gross, the author, was featured in Episode 43.