Cows grazing on fields of green Long road Canyon view Cloudy blue mountaintops Beach waves Boats in a river town Dark desert Rainforest Purple majesties Bridge engulfed in fog AMERICA THE BILINGUAL OF BILINGUALISM IN AMERICA AS ONE PATH TO A HEALTHIER, STRONGER NATION WELCOME TO DEDICATED TO THE PURSUIT

Our Vision

We envision an America

…where it’s just normal to be bilingual, and where most people are.

…more capable of listening to people outside of our borders—in their native languages—and connecting with them at a deeper level.

…where monolingualism, like illiteracy in the 19th and 20th centuries, is viewed as something to be reduced and eventually eliminated.

…where universal bilingualism and biliteracy is the next step in the long arc of American educational attainment.

51. What they don’t teach you in Harvard’s Spanish classes

51. What they don't teach you in Harvard's Spanish classes Once upon a cold and snowy Harvard winter, when Steve went to Spanish class. A middle-aged guy named Steve walks into an intermediate-Spanish class for Harvard undergrads, and does a quick assessment of their advantages versus his. Theirs: They’re smarter. [...]

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