With a little Help from his Friends —and Good French Wine

“It was a body blow. I told them, if you reject me, I’ll be forced to accept my position at Oxford.”

“Forced” to go to Oxford? Why did this young American want so badly to attend a French business school that few Americans have heard of? Why was he willing to forgo his slot at Oxford to do so?

And why were a panel of French professors shooting him down in his interview?

David Wolf

David Wolf

Find out in Episode 2 of the America the Bilingual podcast. We’ll follow David Wolf’s journey, with its twists and turns through Paris and the Bordeaux region, learn of a love interest, and a friendship that would last a lifetime.

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This episode was written by Steve Leveen, and producer Fernando Hernández, who also does sound design and mixing. Our editorial consultants are Maja Thomas and Mim Harrison; research assistance is from Alma Flores-Perez. Our graphic arts are created by Carlos Plaza Design Studio.

Music in this episode by:

Kevin Macleod — Beach party


Kevin Macleod — Quasi motion


Francisco Penilla — Chicle bombita


Marco Raaphorst — Au coin de la rue


Fatal Injection — PSI Part III


Chris Zabriskie — I should have been more human


Kevin Macleod — Backed vibes clean


Andy G. Cohen — A perceptible shift


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