69. What Is Life When You Leave the US and Become United Stateless?

The 20th-century novelist Thomas Wolfe famously pronounced that “you can’t go home again.” But what if you have little choice?

This is what a number of Latino immigrants, who have long made their home in the US, face when immigration laws require that they return to their country of birth.


Alexandra Rivera, a Mexican American, has made it her calling to report on this group of returnees, as she calls them, whom most of us rarely hear about.

But her reporting is not about a group of immigrants. Rather, it’s the story of individuals, one unique and compelling story at a time, in the podcast she created called United Stateless. Individuals like Adriana, and Alex, and Jair, whose names become the title of their episode. Yes: this podcast is personal.

In this episode of the America the Bilingual podcast, Alexandra relays how an Uber driver in Mexico City startled her into realizing that these were important stories to be told. And even though she is a US citizen, she has faced her own challenges in balancing life in America as a Latina. She understands how important it is to find your place in wherever you may choose to—or have to—call home.


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